Supporting your journey to well-being,
and growth.

A holistic approach to: Life Balance Motivation Focus

Supporting your journey to
and growth.

Using a holistic blend of learning and leadership theories, extreme empowerment techniques and ancient spiritual practices, our gatherings will help you to become the best version of yourself, removing fears and blocks that have limited your beliefs and self-growth.  Elemental Empowerment is here to help you access life-changing tools that will support you to find a positive and nurturing balance in life, to have a brighter, fuller and more positive future.

Our cornerstone principles of integrity, support and positive growth ensure that the courses and workshops we run are designed to give people like you, the best opportunities to heal, grow and become self empowered in their daily lives.


Holistic & Spiritual Events

Join us and find time to relax, unwind and grow. Deeply rooted in Shamanic and tribal practice, whilst always providing supportive, fun and informal environment.

One to one coaching

Wherever you are in your life, whatever your goals are, finding a truly balanced approach is essential to maintaining motivation, focus and long-term happiness.


From growing White sage here in the U.K. to sourcing ethically and sustainably grown or made products from across the world. 

Fire Walking

Specialising in holistic, spiritual and empowerment fire walks across the UK. Book privately or join us throughout the year.

Charity events

Not only do we support multiple charities and projects across the globe throughout our work, we can support you in raising funds for what matters most to your heart.

Corporate Training

Tired of the same keynote speakers or team building events? Not achieving your business objectives or getting staff engagement? Talk to us about our bespoke courses, keynote talks and workshops.

Welcome, I am Kai

I specialise in helping individuals like yourself to find their confidence, motivation, and focus.

“I have been lucky enough to have experienced the developmental potential of nature, the elements and shamanic practice throughout my life, and now, I am humbled to offer you the same opportunities. Whether the empowerment of walking through fire, the healing of a sweat lodge, finding peace in our meditation groups, or the empowerment of our breakthrough tools. I look forward to meeting you and supporting you on our continued journeys.”

In joining one of our events you'll help plant new trees

We aim to be carbon neutral and for every guest that joins one of our events, we plant one tree through  

Thanks to our guests, we funded the planting of across 1374 trees across Borneo and 19 established Oaks in the UK.
Facebook reviews
  • positive review  A really fun and light hearted way to be introduced to fire walking.

    Adam Pittendreigh Avatar Adam Pittendreigh
  • positive review  I attended the recent ‘Evening of Firewalking & Meditation’ hosted by Elemental Empowerment and I can honestly say the whole experience from start to finish was fantastic. Kia was so engaging throughout the evening, he is enriched with wisdom and knowledge. I felt captivated by the power of the fire and the teachings Kia presented throughout the session. If you want a chance to feel empowered and fulfilled then I highly recommend looking to the events hosted by Elemental Empowerment. On the plus side you will also have lots of fun! The evening was so well organised and the whole team was extremely friendly and professional. Thank you so much to all those involved, I’m so excited to attend more events in the future! ?

    Simran Kaur Avatar Simran Kaur
  • positive review  Firstly, thank you for allowing me to come along to attempt to capture some of the fire walking. As this was my 1st time at an event like this I was unsure what to expect, i knew a friendly welcome and atmosphere was a given as i used to work with Kai 20 years ago..... everyone was friendly and there with one goal, to enjoy the experience (safely) Even though I was there in a "professional " capacity, Kai encouraged me to join in with the "activities " before the actual walks, not only did this help me feel like part of the group it also helped on a personal level - having let life take over me for so long, just having some "me" time and doing some proper meditation (that I have not done for years, but will make time to now) was a huge benefit. Whether you are there just to walk the coals or are looking for a breakthrough or anything in between makes no difference, you will be supported but not pushed to reach your goal. I'm looking forward to attending more, especially now j have the camera settings sorted 😉

    Matthew Sewell Avatar Matthew Sewell
  • positive review  Second firewalk now done with Kai Bridges at Elemental Empowerment. Kai was again professional, supportive, calm and informative and made the whole evening feel safe from the start and such fun. It was a different experience to my first firewalk as it was outside under a starlit sky with the moon shining through and bats flying around with the fire nearby on a warm summer evening. My first one was on a cold January night. It was an amazing evening from start to finish with a wonderful group of people some of whom I met for the first time. I would highly recommend an evening of firewalking with Kai and his fantastic team comprising Rachel and Liam??

    Yvonne Noble Avatar Yvonne Noble
  • positive review  I attended my first firewalking event with the folks of elemental empowerment, which was in of itself, pretty cool, and I felt in safe hands. The evening event was beautiful and everyone involved, a delight to meet. Kai and Rachel made everyone feel welcome. Both clearly work very hard, but most significantly, I felt are genuine in their spirituality yet wonderfully grounded. Thank you And I look forward to experiencing more at Clophill.

    Tilly Campbell-Allen Avatar Tilly Campbell-Allen
  • positive review  Ordered sage and Palo Santo and it arrived promptly. Smells amazing and can’t wait to use it. Thank you Kai the quality of the sage is fantastic.

    Marina Collins Avatar Marina Collins
  • positive review  I attended the intro to Shamanic Journeying at the weekend and loved every minute of Kai’s teachings and the warm welcome he offered all of us. He really goes above and beyond to enable you to get the most from the workshop and has a genuine empathy and interest in every individual. The group were all lovely too, making this whole experience one I will not forget and I will continue to use Kai’s teachings to continue my spiritual path. Thank you ?? I will most definitely be back soon xx

    Rachel Williams Avatar Rachel Williams
  • positive review  I've been doing my research for a good few years trying to make sense of the world and all avenues have brought me to shamanism, understanding God and jesus without religion was what I've been searching for, attended shamanic journeying day in the yurt, kai has got a really calming way about him from the off, he brought the group together very quickly, this was 3 days ago now and the lift in energy is blowing me away, thank you Kia and the team, love ya. X

    Mark Walmsley Avatar Mark Walmsley
  • positive review  I am so happy I attended a shamanic journeying workshop. I feel more at peace and I have resolved an issue quicker than I have expected. I have learned some valuable life truths. would definitely love to come back to such a magical place. Magical as this is such an amazing time for one, no rush no constantly going off phones. we all deserve some balance x

    Sandra Sanderka Avatar Sandra Sanderka
  • positive review  Sat in a meditation session with Kai, WOW ! blown away

    David Burden Avatar David Burden