Elemental Empowerment’s mission is simple:   Support others to grow through sustainable self-empowerment, holistic practice and personal well-being

Elemental Empowerment’s mission is simple. 

Supporting others to grow through sustainable self-empowerment.

 Using experiential, shamanic, and holistic practices. We have a range of workshops, events, ceremonies, and support groups to grow you in a way that is fulfilling and complete. We are grounded and believe that any spiritual path should support you with your daily life, even in this modern chaotic world. Although we take our work seriously, we do it with light hearts and humility, creating safe, nurturing and importantly enjoyable communities.

We aim to be carbon neutral and for every guest that joins us, we plant one tree in Borneo through onetreeplanted.org. Last year, thanks to our guests, we funded the planting of 1374 Trees across Borneo and 19 established oaks in the UK. More about are charity work and ethos can be found here.

Our cornerstone principles of Integrity, Support and positive growth ensure that the courses and workshops we run are designed to give people the best opportunities to grow, heal and become empowered in their daily lives.

About Me:

Before starting Elemental Empowerment, I worked at senior management and executive levels across the recruitment, careers, and retail sectors. Managing start-up projects and programs, high level recruitment programs and large staff teams. Academically educated to master’s in business with a degree in leadership, and multiple internationally recognised advice and guidance, leadership, management, and facilitation qualifications. To me, the qualification is not necessarily the important bit, but it has given me a good grounding to support others in their aspirations.
Throughout my childhood and teenage years, I studied the Daoist path, gaining teachings and meditation techniques on stillness and balance, all of which still play a major part in the path I choose today. Now a follower of both the medicine path and Shamanic Animism I have been blessed to spend time with tribal shamans, and medicine peoples. Including the Dayak of Borneo (who introduced me to the shamanic path) and the Ojbwe  particularly the teaching of the medicine wheel, and the healing power of the sweat lodge. Within the UK, I have been honoured to work with many Shamanic practitioners including, Leo Rutherford, and Taz “Firechild” Thorton.
I now bring these teachings into my work supporting others. Combining the spiritual teachings, elemental and nature-based workshops, firewalking, meditation, Breath work, talking therapy and empowerment techniques to develop, grow and support others on their path.
Walking this path of self-discovery and personal responsibility can often prove challenging, but it is always rewarding. Looking at ourselves as a whole is, in my belief, the only way to find true contentment and happiness. I look forward to you joining me on your path and together we can work toward producing the best version of yourself

An empowerment glass walk for the royal college of paediatrics