corporate empowerment events

With a background in personnel development, project management and executive level management coupled with degrees in leadership, a master’s in business and multiple internationally recognised Information advice and guidance qualifications. You can be assured that I add established theory methodology and experience to our holistic approach. Our services are quite simply unique. 

What  what we offer can take your teams to the next level. We know every company is individual, with unique capabilities, teams, and experiences. As such all our Corporate work is bespoke to fit the needs of the community you have created. Previous customers include:

Department for work and pensions (DWP)

The Royal College of Paediatric nurses


National Health service (NHS) administrative and financial departments

Probation Service

Wood green animal Shelters

Well-Being Sessions

Staff well-being is possibly the biggest factor in the success of a modern-day business. Empowering staff and offering them opportunities to develop life skills and self-supportive practices, Ensures excellent retention and acquisition of skilled workers. Good mental health encourages supportive and productive work environments, minimising absence through sick days and illnesses. The benefits of offering wellbeing sessions to your teams are endless and can often be fitted into allocated meeting times or before and after working hours. We offer a variety of sessions to support staff. Many of which can be fitted into our workshops, your staff days or within your usual working week.

Our sessions include:

Group meditations

Facilitated support groups

Empowerment, confidence, and growth sessions>

Breath work groups

1-1 support

Talk to us to discuss what we could provide to create happier, healthier work environments. 

Other Workshops

Our workshops can tie in and support your existing training days or act as standalone specialist support. Full, multi and half day bookings are available to suit your individual needs. We specialise in group participative events, embedding learning through demonstrative reinforcement, as well ingraining open thought processes. Our workshops are unique yet based on established learning and leadership theories enabling them to count towards registered personal development. They can include, once in a lifetime experiences. Ensuring their popularity and effectiveness. We often find on a multi workshop day, that our numbers have doubled by the last session as word spreads about the activities and inclusiveness.

Specific focus areas:

  • Change management: Allowing team members to identify, understand and support implementation of significant changes within a business or its personnel structure, will not only improve ownership, idea generation and productivity. It will also ensure a positive and healthy environment curtailing skills and staff loss.
Managing change is essential after any major restructure, redundancies, or recruitment drive.
  • Project ownership: Team engagement in a project is essential to the success in your next endeavour. Creating ownership of tasks, projects and processes ensures both high productivity and streamlining of projects. whether it is a new or an established project, department, or site, encouraging ownership amongst staff will remove friction between seniority levels, create resilience and provide the opportunity for new and efficient methodologies. This in turn will maximise retention of skilled staff and help your next project skyrocket.
  • Blue sky thinking: in our fast-paced society, adaptivity, creativity and the ability to make complex connections is essential to both business growth and survival. You do not have to reinvent the wheel to produce better transport. Yet having visionary staff unafraid to look beyond the restraints of usual practice or excepted methodologies, can be your businesses most powerful asset. The great news is you probably have amazing concepts within your teams already. Through our workshops we can encouraging positive, out of the box thinking. Boosting moral, ownership, retention and helping you become the forerunner in your sector.
  • Team growth and resilience: Team growth and team bonding is what creates happy, productive workspaces. New projects usually have a settling in period, where productivity is low, and moral can slip. Equally Established projects can stagnate creating discord. Workshops allowing staff to bond, significantly reduce this settling in period. Creating communities within your organisation, ensures retention of experienced staff as well as highlighting specific excellence within your teams. The opportunity for team growth encourages resilience and adaptivity. Our workshops offer an educational, but fun experience ensuring a better understanding of colleague’s skills and abilities as well as productive happy teams.
Talk to us, and see how we can tailor our workshops to your specific needs.

Keynote Talks

Most of our workshops can be adapted to keynote format, both with and without audience participation segments. Light-hearted, educational, and engaging, let us throw away the PowerPoint slides and work directly with you.


Having an event? Maybe looking to raise some funds for a charity project? Want to add a wow factor? As a fully qualified and insured business providing Firewalks, glass walks and other extreme empowerment activities, we can offer something different to your event. Have a look at our empowerment tools, and our Firewalk pages or contact us directly to discuss what we can do to support your work.

We plant one tree for every guest that we see. we also supply a certificate thanking you for our support in our mission to reforest lost habitats.