Lockdowns, endurance and the medicine wheel

Whether you remained working, were furloughed or have been unlucky enough to permanently lose your work. Everybody has been negatively affected by Covid in 2020, and for most, those affects have carried on into this year.  Isolation, stress, fear, anger… They have all taken a toll on emotional health. In the blink of an eye, we have entered a period of forced endurance, a proverbial state of limbo, where reality seems to have melted into social media-fuelled pseudoscience, stretched data analysis, and polarised opinions.  A world where clarity is as clear as the waters flowing from the Ganges.  A reality where the teachings of the North of the medicine wheel have fled with the wind that often whispers them to us.

Many have put their heads down, painted a stoic look onto their faces and quietly endured the chaos and fear. Much like our Neolithic ancestors before us, who endured the end of an ice age, we have slipped into a world where those who endure the longest will take the spoils when the ice that is COVID-19 retreats.  Within the self-employed community, there has quietly slipped in a mentality, that for those who can survive the forced lockdowns, and the looming economic crash, that there will be the potential for massive growth afterwards. The survivors picking up the opportunities left scattered by those businesses who could not endure.  A proverbial pot of gold at the end of an increasingly growing rainbow. The problem here is even in the leprechaun filled myths of hidden gold, the hero must seek the gold, they must strive, and chase, not bury their head and wait.


Understand that the ability to endure is incredibly powerful but can easily become stagnating

Whether you are reading this from a business perspective, or as an individual. Understand that the ability to endure is incredibly powerful but can easily become stagnating. In its very definition it assumes that the present is negative and should be ignored. To tie this concept back to the medicine wheel, the act of enduring can slip into the shadow of the West teachings. The teachings of the Earth and the bear cave. curling into the comfort of earths embrace and not moving. Safely huddled in the comfort of knowing that we are enduring, it becomes what we are and what we are doing. We can become afraid to face the East and the change that the teachings of fire, action and spirit brings.  Yet if we do not move, we will always be in a place where we must endure. Stuck in a negative space, stoically surviving, whilst never actually being present in the moment.  

Yes, right now the situation is fluid, uncertain, even chaotic.  It is a path full of blind bends, dead ends, frustration, and uncertain choices. This is a truth of the reality we currently live in. Yet this is a reality we need to accept, not endure. We need to navigate those choices. For those that do, there are amazing opportunities, there has been the opportunity to reflect, study, grow, even to take some rare downtime and recoup.  If you are in business this is an amazing time to reflect, plan, do the background work, reaffirm your concepts, and take the time to put them out to the world.  

As individuals this is a time to be Present, accept your feelings, but do not get owned by them, they are there to serve you, not drown you. Take comfort and step back as you need to. Then learn, look down on the information, the choices, take in the bigger picture. And however small steps you take, keep taking steps, celebrating each one with vigour.

Do not endure COVID and the lockdowns, don’t sit waiting for the future...

Do not endure COVID and the lockdowns, don’t sit waiting for the future. Use the time, prepare, grow, recoup, and when the ice thaws, and that brave new world of opportunity lays before you. When the rainbow arches back to the earth, its pot of gold gleaming, you will be waiting, and you will be prepared for it.

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